Monday, 29 April 2013

Please bring your own scenery.

Hello all,
Im off to Call to War 2013 next Saturday.
This is a 2400 point WFB tournament, 6 games over 2 days using the ETC comp pack.
I will be taking my Ogres to give them a first tournament run out.

The venue is unfortunately closing down so has been a bit of a nightmare getting confirmation that it will be going ahead, but we finally received confirmation last week but we were also asked to 'bring some terrain' great more expense as I dont own any at all.
So I ended up scratch building a couple of hills and a building and also I did purchase a wood aftera couple of crap attempts at making them.
So below is a couple of pics of what ive been doing.

Not bad first attempt at some scratch built terrain if I do say so myself.

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