Monday, 29 April 2013

Please bring your own scenery.

Hello all,
Im off to Call to War 2013 next Saturday.
This is a 2400 point WFB tournament, 6 games over 2 days using the ETC comp pack.
I will be taking my Ogres to give them a first tournament run out.

The venue is unfortunately closing down so has been a bit of a nightmare getting confirmation that it will be going ahead, but we finally received confirmation last week but we were also asked to 'bring some terrain' great more expense as I dont own any at all.
So I ended up scratch building a couple of hills and a building and also I did purchase a wood aftera couple of crap attempts at making them.
So below is a couple of pics of what ive been doing.

Not bad first attempt at some scratch built terrain if I do say so myself.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Still alive

Hi all.

Not updated for a fair while, but that will change shortly.  Think im going through a mid life crisis and have started training for a future career which I might share with you all when I progress a bit.

Armies on Parade has been a bit too slow so going to box it off very soon.
Still working on some Empire, CSM and some Dark Angels and the Sons of Sek have been very slow indeed my xbox has got in the way.

And I've also booked my first tournament.

Ill put some updates on over the next few days.