Thursday, 14 March 2013

Amies on Parade still bloody going on the board

Well ive been cracking on with all sorts the last week and I still don't have internet (pain in the ass) ive been working on the Empire, Armies on Parade and also my Sons of Sek for the board.

I still need to get some foam for the board to build up the back and I did say it would be finished but not had the time to be honest but have been moving forward with it.

Ive also started the Sons, well ive started a sentinel ill pop a wip at the bottom of this post .

As you see ive started painting it and adding a few details that need sorting tonight/tomorrow, need to think of what to do with the open ground on the left hand side and need to finish the details on the main building also need to make, buy or bodge some Ivy, plant life (dead, chaos plant life) for the water area and maybe some sort of tentacles aswell as a host of other chaotic bits but thats a little way off just yet.

I've popped a couple of models n for scale purposes.

The last two pictures are the WIP Sentinel, if this loads properly.

Thats it at the moment I'll try and get some more updates up before the weekend.


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