Monday, 29 April 2013

Please bring your own scenery.

Hello all,
Im off to Call to War 2013 next Saturday.
This is a 2400 point WFB tournament, 6 games over 2 days using the ETC comp pack.
I will be taking my Ogres to give them a first tournament run out.

The venue is unfortunately closing down so has been a bit of a nightmare getting confirmation that it will be going ahead, but we finally received confirmation last week but we were also asked to 'bring some terrain' great more expense as I dont own any at all.
So I ended up scratch building a couple of hills and a building and also I did purchase a wood aftera couple of crap attempts at making them.
So below is a couple of pics of what ive been doing.

Not bad first attempt at some scratch built terrain if I do say so myself.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Still alive

Hi all.

Not updated for a fair while, but that will change shortly.  Think im going through a mid life crisis and have started training for a future career which I might share with you all when I progress a bit.

Armies on Parade has been a bit too slow so going to box it off very soon.
Still working on some Empire, CSM and some Dark Angels and the Sons of Sek have been very slow indeed my xbox has got in the way.

And I've also booked my first tournament.

Ill put some updates on over the next few days.


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Amies on Parade still bloody going on the board

Well ive been cracking on with all sorts the last week and I still don't have internet (pain in the ass) ive been working on the Empire, Armies on Parade and also my Sons of Sek for the board.

I still need to get some foam for the board to build up the back and I did say it would be finished but not had the time to be honest but have been moving forward with it.

Ive also started the Sons, well ive started a sentinel ill pop a wip at the bottom of this post .

As you see ive started painting it and adding a few details that need sorting tonight/tomorrow, need to think of what to do with the open ground on the left hand side and need to finish the details on the main building also need to make, buy or bodge some Ivy, plant life (dead, chaos plant life) for the water area and maybe some sort of tentacles aswell as a host of other chaotic bits but thats a little way off just yet.

I've popped a couple of models n for scale purposes.

The last two pictures are the WIP Sentinel, if this loads properly.

Thats it at the moment I'll try and get some more updates up before the weekend.


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Armies on Parade progress

Well its been over a week since I posted but wanted something worthwhile to put up.

I intend to put up several posts today but no Internet so am using the blogger app on my phone which will probabbly kill my data.

So first up a little bit of what has been happening with AoP board pretty much finished the main construction but a couple of little details to add but got bored and started to paint it, ill be painting the bulk of it and finishing the main parts then once painted will be going chaos crazy with the details , feel free to let me know any ideas you have regarding making it a touch more chaos.

So hopefully I should have this finished by the end of the week and can start the details, also made a start on the Sons of Sek though building and painting from scratch so will be ongoing regarding the updates.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Armies on Parade 2

Welcome back to my Armies on Parade WIP.

As you know i really didnt plan on doing anything for this, but changed  my mind spur of the moment and decided to bash it out.
Below is my progress, and as  you will see im more just finding my way around the board so not a lot is secured to the board yet apart from the main concourse

 I picked up the Basilica Administratum kit from Tabletop Tyrant in Leicester an will utilize this as a Shrine/Temple building in the corner with a long concourse leading up to it

I needed some steps leading up to the main door (as you do)

I will be building out the sides of the building by about 2 inches, And where you see the pipe sticking out (i may lower it) i will have an industrial type building (part of one) just so i can have a little water feature. 

Sorry about the pick i was to lazy to edit it. But as you can see it will be at the top of the main building not sure if i have finished the detail on this might spray it and then go back if i think it needs more. (gotta love instant mold, i made ten of these greenstuff icons)

What we have here is the main building that just needs extending slightly either side and also ive started building up the rockface on the left using cork and filler (i would have just used filler but too heavy overall) still not sure of the skulls yet but thats mainly because my eye is being drawn too, it may not be a problem when sprayed and painted, this will be part of a ruined building built on top of the carved rockface.
Ive built up the concourse and most likly will line the edges with lamps/street lights and flags/icons may also have a small parade ground to the left or maybe a death camp type stucture for those damn imperials.

So ive still got a fair bit to do but i can finally see some progress in the near future, too be honest i cant wait to get this finished and painted (oh the water is a fair while off need to start experimenting with 2 part resin too try and get a nice clear finish for the water which will be about 3 inches deep in the deepest part (any suggestions what i could use would be great) )  so i can crack on with the actual models.

See you soon

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Armies on Parade

Two weeks ago i wasnt sure if i could be bothered with doing this Armies on Parade lark, then the other day i was out and about, had some cash in my pocket and had a little splurge in B&Q.
I was only in for twenty minutes, most of which was waiting around for someone too cut me a board.

I came out with this.

This cost me about £7.00 in total.

Today  i sketched a couple of basic ideas out and then started building, needless to say i quickly ignored what ideas i had and just went for gold.
I didnt even know what theme or even army i was going to use.

 As you can see from the pictures its coming along nicely, ive left it to dry for the night and ill be cracking on tomorrow still need to get some gear for it but i think its just going to develop without a plan.

I still need to decide what im using its most likly going to be Chaos thoough not sure if i want to go Space Marines or Traitor Guard/Renegades maybe Sons of Sek.


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Right so about two and half years ago maybe a touch longer i got back into Warhammer and 40K thanks to my good friend Morelion who frequents Warseer and a couple of other places.

I  was indescisive so anded up buying Assault on Black Reach, manged to get a couple of nice armies together off the back of that, unfortunately i sold my 3500 points of orks though i kept a couple of things back which i might preveiw here in the future.

This left me with my Lamenters, you probably all know of them, cursed founding went off the rails then came back too the fold.

Ive probably got about 3000 points of them which i had painted to a degree though after at least 13 years of no painting you can imagine the state of them so i got the dettol out and stripped the little yellow dudes (never stripping again), though i decided that i didnt want to strip the vehicles not that i actually finished painting them.

So ive decided that it is time to crack on especially since the new GW yellows are bloody greatso over the next couple of days im going to showcase my progress on a test mini (need to get that shit right) and hopefully the next couple of months will see me roll out some fresh Lamenters goodness.