Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Right so about two and half years ago maybe a touch longer i got back into Warhammer and 40K thanks to my good friend Morelion who frequents Warseer and a couple of other places.

I  was indescisive so anded up buying Assault on Black Reach, manged to get a couple of nice armies together off the back of that, unfortunately i sold my 3500 points of orks though i kept a couple of things back which i might preveiw here in the future.

This left me with my Lamenters, you probably all know of them, cursed founding went off the rails then came back too the fold.

Ive probably got about 3000 points of them which i had painted to a degree though after at least 13 years of no painting you can imagine the state of them so i got the dettol out and stripped the little yellow dudes (never stripping again), though i decided that i didnt want to strip the vehicles not that i actually finished painting them.

So ive decided that it is time to crack on especially since the new GW yellows are bloody greatso over the next couple of days im going to showcase my progress on a test mini (need to get that shit right) and hopefully the next couple of months will see me roll out some fresh Lamenters goodness.

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