Sunday, 27 January 2013

Yeah im recharged and ready to paint warhammer and warhammer 40k again. lets start with glowing eyes

Lets get back into.

Yeah im recharged and ready to paint warhammer and warhammer 40k again.

So first up is some eyes, more specifically Terminator eyes.
Now this is my first time at the glow effect for eyes and it took me a couple of tries to get where i wanted it and it looks pretty good, i dont think my pictures do it justice though it still isnt the best i could do but practice makes perfect.

As you can see there is some tidying up to do and will need to fine tweak the glazes on my next ones but on the  table as a unit they look pretty good, next up is gettin the rest of the armour and details finished.
Needed a couple of bulls for my OK's so had to rip apart a couple of ironguts.

I cleaned them up last night and based them and started the skin they shiuld be pretty much finished tonight to a decent gaming standard.

Couple of Zoo pics.
Right im back after spending a few days going to the Safari Park with the missus and daughter, off to get some crap from Tesco shortly and going to nip into Bblockbuster and get some cheap stuff as they have gone bust.

Later today im going to post up some bits ive been doing and also try and get a podcast review up aswell. If anyone knows of any good hobby stuff on the net stick it in the comments.

See you shortly.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Got bored the other day so painted up a gorger its nowhere near Eavy metal but looks great on tabletop

Missing out on the SCGT2013 and my ogre filth

So the SCGT 2013 tickets went on sale tonight.

As some might know this is the biggest WFB event of the year off the top of my head around about 180 players.
It managed to sell out in ten minutes (to be expected) selling a whopping 268 tickets so there may be a few disappointed people.

For those interested you can find details and comp packs here

This was going to be my very first tournament though being skint this month wasnt part of the deal.
needless to say, on the plus side im not going to be spending the best part of £350 travelling all that way from Loughborough and staying in a hotel.
So with my original plan of going now not going ahead ill post up the list and you can rip it apart

This tournament is comped so please bear that in mind, so without furthur ado -

  • Slaughtermaster- level 4 Lore of the Great Maw
              Crown of Command, Talisman of Preservation, Scroll of Shielding.
  • Firebelly- level 2
  • Butcher-Level 1, Lore of beasts  (signature spell)
              Dispel Scroll ,Ruby Ring of Ruin.
  • Bruiser- BSB
             Sword of Swift Slaying, Potion of Toughness.
  • Gnoblar Trappers (12)
  • Gnoblar Trappers (12)
  • Ogres (4) 

  • Ironguts (9)
                        Full Command, Look out, Standard of Discipline.

  • Mournfang Cavalry (4)
                       Standard Bearer, Bellower, Heavy Armour, Ironfists.
  • Mournfang Cavalry (4)
                       Standard Bearer, Bellower, Heavy Armour, Ironfists, Dragonhide Banner.


  • Ironblaster

This is pretty much my standard list but with a few tweaks for the comp pack, let me know what you all think.

Too much shite

Three boxes of unmade shit,

Christ dont fancy building anything here for a while, rough  list of contents is two Guard battleforces (will be Sons of sek eventually got some great ideas but no time for the work involved), a few sprues off Ebay cultists and chosen,  four mournfang (i already run eight) some space marine and random ogre goodness, 1 predator and a few ork sprues. Not to mention a fair few Forge World renegade kits.

Deathwing progress

Been a slow couple of days  but carried on with the armour on these bad boys ive got final layer to do which will be a 25/75 Rakarth flesh/Ushabti bone  and finally a pure Ushabti highlight.     You may notice the eyes on one but scrapped that and decided that i would put my hand to the glow effect around the eyes.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


So a little wip Deathwing termies ive started, just basecoat and wash so a bit more to do.  This is just the set out of Dark Vengeance im going to paint up for a small force, maybe 750 points.

sorry for the pics phone camara at the mo.

Empire project

Right first up i have a nice little Empire project on the go.
This is going to be my main project for the next few months to get it tournament ready going to sort a list out and maybe some fluff for it, scheme is going to be primarily Reikland.
So far ive got a battalion, stank, and box of great swords, i think there will be a couple more battaion boxes cause will be using pretty much everything.

Ill throw some wip pictures up tomorrow.

Monday, 21 January 2013

DECAB666 Welcomes you

Thought i would start with a little introduction.

I have been collecting and playing for about three years now, mainly WFB and 40K though looking into Malifaux.

Based in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Started this blog to put up my hobby progress and some battle reports, rumours and also the start of my journey into WFB tournaments and maybe a golden demon entry sometime though most of what you will see will be a good gaming standard hopefully and I would be interested in you c&c's.

Look forward to hearing from you all and cheers.

You can also catch me on Twitter @DECAB666 and facebook Aces Decab